Add Data Column "A column named 'My Value' already belong to this data table


I have to add a lot of data in columns (I’m using add data column) and the value of my data has a lot of duplicates and cannot be deleted or removed. I receive the error “A column name ‘(My Data Value)’ already belong to this data table”.

How to solve this? I tried using a data manipulations package from @Lahiru.Fernando to tranpose from data row to data column and it took an hour to transpose and my uipath still running (which the robot is not efficient). This is the package :

can you just check if the column exists first?

if column exists then skip it


I needed all the value inside it. If I skip, then there will be gap inside it right?

can you upload your excel? and tell me which row you want to transpose

Give me a minute, I’m gonna share my workflow here

Dummy.xaml (12.2 KB)

That’s the workflow. So I am tranposing but not from excel… I’m querying the data from SQL and the value written to excel is on rows, so I’m trying to transpose it by using add data column. The value will be duplicate (each customer ID has their value 1,2,3,4 summed and the total sum is the same). I tried to use without data manipulations, it took me 3 minute only but the result is in rows and not columns. When I’m using DataManipulations community package (add data row then transpose it) it’s taking very very long time and the uipath is not yet done processing ( 1 hr of processing and still going) which not gonna be efficient…