Bot not able to read the data : A column named 'Typerefno' already belongs to this Datatable.

Hi @Vivekananda_Reddy
are you trying to add column in datatable?

Hi Raja, here the issue is bot read the data from sap reports . And it needs to add the data to excel. Here im getting this issue.

Please, let me know is there any resolution for this.

Hi @Vivekananda_Reddy

You can’t read the Data Table which has Duplicated Columns in it.

If you need, Remove Add Header from the properties from the Read Range activivty


Here i m having same column named “refno” Already belongs tob same Datatable
Wt should i do now.

You can try to Remove Add Header from the properties

as mentioned above there are duplicated column names
does mean:

  • addheaders is checked
  • in the first row the particular value occurs more often

you can fix by:

  • manually changing the excel - when this is possible define by the business process
  • deselest the addHeaders option and get the autogenerated column names - but then check is the first row should be removed or not
    run a cleansing eg. a s done like in this helper xaml:
    FixDuplicatedColNames.xaml (11.7 KB)

Finally the Business case and what is to do with afterwards will help you to select the option which fit best to your scenario

Yes, i removed.
But again
Excel application scope :
Excel file path is empty or not set. Please review your workflow.

Check the file path of excel application scope

Can you pls let me know how to check that

Hi @Vivekananda_Reddy welcome to the community!

Basically when your reports/excel data contains columns having same names, you cannot read them by ‘Contain Headers’ marked as checked.

If headers are important to you, I would say read read the reports without ‘Contain Headers’ and change the name of the column who’s having duplicate name by using its index.

Write the data to the file, and read it again and this time with ‘Contain Headers’ marked as checked.

Can you pls let me know wt should i do to make this issue fix.