Multiple values in single column to queue

Information from above EXCEL will be added to queue . ( multiple rows with different project details)

Our challenge here is the “UserUniqueName” column will have multiple values separated with comma in each row ( different project names)

We need to loop through these multiple values add the values one by one in the portal.

How to handle this multi value column in single transaction in queue & add values one by one in portal?

in general we can split by comma

Sometime there will be more than 3 values and we need to loop (For each or something like this) through this values and ADD all the user unique names in website

maybe your feedback is misinterpreted. The split method is dynamic and not bound to a certain Length


So we can pass it to a for each with set typeargument to string

maybe distinct will help us

Please allow me explain what i understood from your response. Please correct me if i am wrong…

NOTE: Each row from excel will be added to orchestrator queue

1.Bot will fetch the “UserUnique Name” values ( separated with comma) from QUEUE and store in the variable ( Ex: UserUniqueName) ( Type String)

  1. Create Another variable named : FinalUserUniqueName = UserUniqueName.split({,},stringsplitoptions.removemptyentries)

  2. Pass FinalUserUniqueName variable in For Each activity and activity that will add useruniqueuename inside for each ?

we assume as QueueItem, right?

yes it is a queue item…

Queue item will have key value like this

I have add System.Linq Namespace. But still Distinct command is not available ( Please refer below screenshot)

sometimes intelisense hangs. just continue as shown in the screenshot

Yes i have typed as per the screenshot… But expression expected warning

Typo Distict vs. Distinct() ← the n

transactionItem.SpecificContent("YourKey").toString.Trim.Split({","}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries).Distinct()
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Awesome!!!. Thanks a lot for your response… It is working fine.

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