Workbook Activity vs Excel Activity

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I know there are many threads going on for this two activity, but my doubt isn’t still cleared.
Which one out of the two is the best activity to be used while coding ? would that be excel application scope but then cost increases in that case to install excel , but other than that which one is better to be using , coding wise? can someone please help me with this query.

i think to use “Excel Application Scope” Excel should be installed in your system
and when Excel is not installed then you can use Workbook activities

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Excel Application Scope is used when you have excel installed in machine. Yes, cost of MS office is associated but the number of activities it provides are more as compared to work book.

Below are some of the activities with exel scope

These are with workboooks where excel is not required.

Summary : if your Needs are sufficed by Workbook activities - go ahead with it.


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Source Thread - Difference between Excel and Workbook activities - #3 by aksh1yadav

  1. To use “Excel Application Scope” , Excel should be Install on the system.
  2. To use Excel services even Excel is not installed then you can use "Workbook related separate activities.
  3. And the other things is with Excel Activities you will not be able to access the chart and diagram realted data with Excel Related activities, You will get an error.
    For more info:
    Excel file with Chart Sheet as first sheet - Exception - #4 by aksh1yadav
  4. For Workbook Related Activity the Excel workbook file should be close at the time of robot run otherwise it will give error like it is being use by other process.
  5. One more thing Faced recently with Excel Application Scope , he was not able to access the password protected excel and same case was with me, a pop was again asking to enter the credential but with Workbook Activities it was working fine.
    For More Details: Excel Passwords

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