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already in Ui path Studio Have Excel Workbook Activities so Why need to Excel Application Scope? Explain Purpose Of Excel Application Scope.

Excel Application scope will work like a container where you can open your desired excel and you can use other activities, for eg: Read Range inside the Application scope.

You can add as many Excel activities inside the Excel Application scope, and the activities can act only on the Excel that you are opening in the Excel scope.

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plz Name Of Which Activity

Hi @AsadPathan2665

  1. To use “Excel Application Scope” , Excel should be Install on the system.
  2. To use Excel services even Excel is not installed then you can use "Workbook related separate activities.
  3. And the other things is with Excel Activities you will not be able to access the chart and diagram realted data with Excel Related activities, You will get an error.
    For more info:
  4. For Workbook Related Activity the Excel workbook file should be close at the time of robot run otherwise it will give error like it is being use by other process.

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