In which scenarios we can use excel and workbook activities?

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I would like to know in which scenarios we have to use excel scope activities and workbook activities apart from excel being installed or not & Password Protected or not.

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Ideally workbook activities are used when excel is not installed…

Also to point out few differences…

  1. Workbook activities completey work in the background where as excel activities can be visible or not…and it needs excel to be present
  2. workbook activities are little faster than excel activities most of the times
    3 when you have only single operations we use workbook activities and on the other hand when multiple manipulations are to be done on excel it is preferred to use excel application scope sot ht the excel is not opened and closed multiple times

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Hi @Vaishnav_Tej ,

Below are the basic pros and cons of using excel and workbook activities.

  • Excel Activities
    • Excel needs to be installed
    • Work with graphs and diagrams
    • Read and write cell colors
    • Use macros
    • Can’t open password-protected Excel files
  • Workbook Activities
    • Excel doesn’t need to be installed
    • Performance (quicker than Excel activities)
    • Can’t work with graphs and diagrams
    • Can’t read and write cell colors
    • Can’t use macros

Ashutosh Gupta