Work on excel file without Excel Application Scope

Hello everyone.

This community has always been great in providing me solutions and i hope i will also for you in the future! Thank you for that.

I basically need to use all the excel activities Read Range, delete range etc but So i have such a scenario:
I open an excel file A.xlsx with the Excel Application Scope. In it i have to perform a macro which it opens me automatically another Excel B.xlsx.

The issue here is that I cannot work on B.xlsx because the Excel Application Scope in order for it to work has to open the file first and then perform other activities.

So my question here is , how could i “attach” to B.xlsx and perform Excel activities…

*i tried some stuff around but not working …

i hope there is a solution…

Please help me :frowning:


Maybe try unchecking option “visible” in excel application scope.

I guess, you need to save the B.xlsx . Then you can perform excel activities by opening in new application scope

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I tried that but the issue is i cannot open it from certain workbook path because excel A has opened it through macro and it is not saved anywhere.

I am performing such a workflow that i cannot save it …

Dirty but if you can predict the Excel B name, you could attach its window, save the file in that window scope then use the saved path to use an Excel Application Scope

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Thats What I did because i had no other choise left . But I am not so keen on this solution.

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