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Within Excel application scope I am using Read Range from Sheet1, using write Range to write to Sheet2, and appending to Sheet3. Can I use the same Excel Scope because it is the same Excel File?

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Hi @A_Learner,

Yes, you can use the same Excel Application Scope. It will not be a problem.

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Thank you, @gustavo.cervelin! For some reason, I am getting Exception. File being used by another process error.

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Hi @A_Learner,

Make sure all activities you are using (Read Range, Write Range and Append Range) inside of the Excel Application Scope are from App Integration - Excel

If you use the activities from Workbook inside of the Excel Application Scope, you will get this error

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You can use only workbook activities it won’t require any Application scope. if the file is opened in Excel. we can’t perform operations…

if you’re using Excel activities which @gustavo.cervelin mentioned you can perform the actions even if the excel is opened.

Note: Don’t use mix ex:- Excel Application scope inside that Read range from workbook instead of read range from excel.

you can use multiple read range by using one excel application scope. if the file is presented in the same location.


you can also read the different sheets which is presented in the same file.


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Hi @A_Learner

I think its better to go with workbook activities as its works in back ground you may not get the exception excel is opened until its opened manually!

As you re using the the multiple read range with excel application scope when you re appending the data to another excel the previous excel is still opened that causes the exception as you may try with close work workbook activities or kill process to over the issue each time you re appending.


Thank you @gustavo.cervelin

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Thanks a lot @pravin_calvin

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