I need to use the Excel application scope for the file which is already openned manually(from run command)

Hi Team,

So I am in the situation where I am opening an excel file (let’s say “xyz.xlsx”) and perform some operations on it (lets say “CHANGES A” ).

The above mentioned activities are done correctly when I open xyz.xlsx from run application.

Now, xyz.xlsx file has 15 sheets, from them I need to activate (sheet ‘ABC’), and perform some operations in it (lets say “CHANGES B”) before saving and closing the entire sheet.

Before closing the excel sheet I will be saving the “CHANGES A” and “CHANGES B”

Now, problem is that since I am opening xyz.xlsx from run application CHANGES A are done.

Now, for CHANGES B i need to use excel application scope. But when I use excel application scope on the same file, it shows that the excel application is already opened.

I need a way where I open xyz.xlsx from run application and do Changes A and then use excel application scope on it to do changes B and then save and close this excel file.

I need to save both the changes together without reopening the excel file.

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Hi @hacky

Try use “Close Workbook” activity after CHANGES A completed before use excel application scope for CHANGES B to close the excel file.


its done now.

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