Excel Scope File

Hi Team,

Scenario is i have 2 excel files, say Test1.xlsx and Test2.xlsx
Using Excel Application Scope activity to read the Test1.xlsx.
I kept opened the Test2.xls. While running the bot, bot closing the Test2.xls file.
How to overcome this? Test2.xlsx should not be closed.

Are you opening Test2.xlsx in another Excel Application Scope?
If so UiPath will close the file after completing the activities inside scope.

You can either put Test1.xlsx application scope within test2.xlsx scope or if you want to avoid closing after completing the excel application scope assign an output variable to test2-scope and it won’t close until you close the workbook manually.


Hi @Balan

Open the excel (Test2.xls) using start process activity by passing the full excel file path as input it will open similar to how we manually open and if you want to close use close workbook activity.