' With FTP Session ' - how to test whether FTP connected or not?

Hi Team,

Am using uipath studio latest version (2018.2.3) and i dont have have ‘open FTP connection’ activity so am using ’ With FTP session ’ activity in that i configured all parameters like HOST,PORT,Username,Password

And i run the app i dont know whether the connection is created or not,
Next i used ’ file exists ’ activity and check whether the server file availability but its return ‘false’ output value.
Specified remote path parameters like this “FTP/rajasekar.txt”
Original path in server is “F:\Kavipriya\FTP”

Kindly check this issue.

If the connection is not created you may get the following error, in addition you can use try/catch


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Thanks for your valuable feedback

Now my connection created and i used ’ file exists ’ activity to check the connection availability.

I resolved this issue now i can make to upload,download from my FTP server.


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That’s great…

Please explain how did you resolve the problem, it may help others.

Sure,First i used ‘with ftp connection’ activity in that you provide to fill following parameters
Host : IP address , Port : 21 , Username and Password

And then i used ‘file exists’ activity for that you have to mention path correctly i will mention about that below
FTP Server file path : ‘F:\Kavipriya\FTP\UiPathPlatform.msi’
Parameter input mention like this => ‘.\UiPathPlatform.msi’
Output parameter you will get Boolean value if file availability based on.



We used ‘with ftp session’ activity to connect ftp and we filled following parameter (Host : IP address,Port : 21,Username & Password)

Then we used ‘file exists’ activity to check whether the server file available or not.
You have to mention path like this in input remote path parameters
Server Location Path = '‘F:\Kavipriya\FTP\UiPathPlatform.msi’
Mention like this (Remote path : “.\UiPathPlatform.msi”)

it will return Boolean value ‘True’ if available


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