Facing Issue with FTP activity

Hi Team,

I am trying to use FTP Activities using “With FTP session” so tried to run but facing the below issue.

*"With ftp session: Could not load file or assembly ‘FluentFTP’".

So shall I need to open any Port . Actually I am trying to Put file in client server.

I need it in urgent. Please let me know.


Hi @Snehamayi
are you trying to upload any files?


do you have permission to upload? i mean for that login user account

Do we need to ask the permission to enable the Port

when you need to work with ftp activities you need to have server name ,port and username and password._test (1).xaml (13.4 KB) check this once

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Client did not shared any username and Password. We are using anonymous .So what will be the Port number?


hi @Snehamayi port number also client has to provide

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Ok Thanks for your quick response

Welcome @Snehamayi and if your problem is solved please mark it as a solutions bcz it will helpful for other