FTP Activities 2018

Hi, I have some problems.

I was developing some xamls in UiPath2017 and now I changed for 2018. But one of my xamls has old ftp activities with ftp configurations and now its just showing the activities in red.

Im trying to change this red lines for the new ftp activities but the new ftp activities have in their new properties just “remotePath” instead of host,port,username and password. How can I know this activities are really working? and how can I fill the properties right?

@KevinDS did you get a chance to verify activity name… also make sure you have this package.


@rkelchuri This is My pack and how it looks:

How it looks:

I suppose all the ftp activities needs to be into “With FTP Session” Activity? And… where do you have to put host, port, user and pass? And now we can not “Test Connection”?

Yes, please configure FTP session in “With ftp Session”
Yes Configure all Host, Port etc… under properties.

Here 2 things you have to keep in mind…

  1. is verifying source file path… that should be out side of ftp session.
  2. destination file path… that should be inside with ftp session…

When you run this… see your session get active and specified sample file get moved into FTP or not… that’s the results you have to check…