Upload FTP activity don't work

Hello UiPath Community!
I use Studio 2018.1.1 and FTP.Activities, virtual machine windows 2008R2
All basic settings for the successful operation of UiPath are installed

I need to move the files locally on the FTP server. I use Upload activity FTP.

Having written all the data to enter and receive the response “Connection is OK” I start the process, it successfully completes, but there is no result of the action, it does not write the file to the FTP

I got acquainted with all the discussions of these problems, but I did not find a solution for myself.

It was indicated to check the availability of access to this server. There everything is fine, I personally can safely load the file there or delete it. But through the platform to do this does not work, but it does not make any mistakes.

To enter FTP I use the link in the path “” and it goes there and I can do anything

I used a way to write both with login and password, and without it, only with IP. And not in one case, the action was not carried out

Help me !

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I’m facing the same problem. Did you discovered how to solve this?