Windows error reporting pop up - need selector

RPA Developers,

We have been seeing the Windows error reporting pop up with button to Close program on server when bot is running the process. This pop up is causing issue with application especially for IE crash. When this pop up is present, UiPath activities are not able to interact with application even after relaunch of application. We are trying to identify the selector for this pop up to add code to click on “Close program” button as we probably would not like to disable pop up for Windows error report through system config changes. I would like to request forum to provide the selector if you have it or any suggestions to resolve this. If you ever come across such pop up in future please don’t forget to get the selector and provide here, it will be a great help!

Thank you

is this the one (on bottom right)?

Thank you for looking into this. Yes, that is the place from where we can turn off the pop up but as I mentioned, we would want robot to close the pop up by clicking the button. Below is the pop up we are getting and we are trying to get rid off.


oh ok, do you have a try catch and want to check for this if you get an error? If you have this as the active window when you get the error, then this would close it:

Yes and we are looking for the selector as I am unable to get this pop up on my local machine.

do like above, no need for the selector…