Assignment 2: No report found Pop-Up Window

Hi guys,

Am I the only one having this issue? I am getting two different kinds of Pop-Up s during assignment 2 (generating yearly report) when there is no report to download. These two pop-ups appear randomly and even if we use Element Exist it is not working. On a single run either one of the pup-up s can be closed.

I prefer the first one over the other.



It’s a browser related behaviour, nothing to do with UiPath itself.

You have to handle both of them for the automation to work correctly.

Hi @amithvs,

This is the behavior seen in Edge. Please try to use IE for all web-based automation it will prevent a lot of complexities.

Kudos! :slight_smile:

Nithin Prabhu

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i am facing same issue…


Hi @amithvs

Are you using FireFox ? Because I was getting these pop-ups in FireFox only. Please try with IE otherwise you have to handle both the pop-ups.


I am using chrome. BTW I completed it.thanx

Can you let me know how did you handle the Popups in Chrome

use two element exists activity. One for “No reports found” pop-up, give output as p1
Second for the other one (Dont let this page create more message box check box), output p2
If p1 OR p2
Then Click close button
ELSE Save the report


Hi All,

click activity should be generic, otherwise it will work only for one of the popup.

this is an example of generic selector for the click activity :

Enjoy !

This worked for me as well

Your Awesome, Works great for me. I am using IE where I got the different pop up window with the Check box.

sorry,but which close button are u referring to?

The close button in the Pop-up.

yes, I figured it later. Thank you so much. Your solution worked so well :grinning::grinning:

I am rebuilding my L3 project from scratch for practical exam practice as I completed my test. I remember not finding a selector generic enough to work on the “OK” for both. I am using a hotkey . Has anyone ever found one in IE? It’s great to find workarounds but if it can actually be done as stated in the document then it would be nice to know.

Hi , when I am upload the yearly report , I am getting two different kinds of PPO-UP in assignment 2, GET TEXT is not able to copy the id , please refer the attached screenshot , Can any one help me on it

Am facing the same problem… Now. Plz help me

Hello @Anuvind,

Add the website to trusted sites & set security level to low for all trusted sites.


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