Stopping Program but Not Closing Windows

There is a warning message from the system I am using that keeps popping up during my program. The robot clicks “OK” on this popup…however I would like to stop the program when this warning pops up so I can use its selector in an 'Element Exists" activity in order to handle it differently. Does this make sense? Is there an easier way to do this? TIA

Work through it manually, then just use a uipath click activity once the pop-up window is active


Yes its correct. you can use Element Exists or On Element Appear activity.

There is really no way to work through this process manually. It involves using and extracting data in a test system. So it would be hard to get to this point

Yes I am aware of those activities. The issue is I can’t get the program to stop with the window open so that I can capture the warning

No worries, just put in a breakpoint and run it in debug mode.

Another hack-y way to do it is to put in a message box activity where you want it to stop and just don’t click the message box. Then in another instance of UiPath you can use a click activity to get the selector of the pop-up message

Breakpoint would work but the process takes forever. I will try the hacky message box way first. Thank you

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