Asynchronous Activity - Handle Unexpected Popup Messages

Hi Team,

I am working on a RPA Automation with a windows application in which we get some error popup messages. Those popup messages are unexpected and it may appears in any of the process steps (unexpected). We just need to close when appears and proceed further activities as per the process. Please help us on this.

We tried with Parallel Process, however that is not closing when popup appears. Example, Bot tries to type a text in Type into activity but popup appears before the type into. But bot types the text before closing the popup and then it tries to close the popup. This is happening random basis. Sometimes it is closing the popup and typing the text and sometimes it is typing the text first and closing the popup.

Kindly help me on this.

Hi @baskarn
This is a tricky problem to solve. My initial suggestion would be to work with the owner of the application to understand more about when these pop ups do appear and see if there is anything that can be done to remove these or get a clear answer as to where and why they appear. This will give you a better basis for building your automation in the most effective way, without having unnecessary waits in your robot.
If they really are random, you could implement a component that could be invoked each time there is a system application to check if this pop up has occured, and if so, close it and go back to the failed activity to try again. Or implementing frequent “Element Exists” to check for the pop up, with a short timeout so as not to impact your automation too much.

I am happy to be corrected but I do not believe there is a perfect solution for this, and I would always discuss with the application owner to understand more about the pop ups before building in a number of workarounds into your robot.

I hope that helps!

Hi @baskarn ,

In most of the case parallel activity works, can you share the screenshot of that portion where you have handled this?