How to code for pop up you can't reproduce

Hi Everyone,

My developer is having trouble with reproducing a pop-up that is causing our BOT to fail. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to code for this pop-up?

Hi @candacec,

This might not be the best approach, but can you try sending a hot key command to ESC or Enter and then proceed.


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I’ll let him know. Thanks for your suggestion!

Here’s a few things I can think of:

if you know that the popup has a generic appearance, you could use image based automation to click the “close” button.

if the popup is a windows popup, then its worth trying to induce different, more easily reproducible popup and then use the selector from that to handle your mystery popup. Sometimes they will have the same or very similar selectors.

Hi @candacec

You could also tinker a bit with the Global Exception Handler which could help you catch the annoying pop-up all over the process:

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Thank you!