Windows 10 full screen popup

I tried to record them with rocorders but it dosen’t work, sending hotkeys also dosen’t work. I can’t scrape this or find any anchor.
Does any of You have any idea about how to handle those kind of popups in windows?

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Find/click image won’t work either?

No. Those activities dosen’t work.

Do you just want the popup to go away?

It looks like this popup forces itself to be the active window. Based on that assumption, you could automate using get active window, followed by close window.

Alternatively, you could kill process if you know the name of this process.

If you need to click yes or no, then that is a whole different answer. You could try to use screen scraping (make sure you scrape a region, not an element). You’ll have to use OCR for this. Then click the “Yes” or “No” button based on the OCR positional results

And just to clarify, when you said “sending hotkeys doesn’t work” are you sending hotkeys with no selectors, and not contained within any specific scope (i.e. not in browser scope, window scope, etc)


When this pop up comes on the screen you cannot perform any action or use any activities, because this pop up is in the foreground and everything is blocked and using uipath you cannot indicate on screen or get the selector or perform any activity.

Can you help us with why you want this, is there any project requirement or more information about the application.

This is application made for accountants. Inside aplication is implemented CRM module. When I go for the first time into app i need to do some changes inside this module. To use module that they provided It is necessary to provide Windows Credential(pcname\winUser and password to acc.) , when I type into those credentials then presses “OK” to authorise I’m getting popup like on photo above.
I cannot use ‘run by administrator’ cause it’s possible that i’ll use It on different PC’s and every time I’ll need to change settings of application.

Yes, I tried to send them wo selectors but it dosen’t work. I cannot kill process becasue i have to press Yes on popup. There are few poups

Hi @Alko,

The problem is this screen cannot be automated, can you run the application through command prompt and provide the credentials and run the application in admin mode to avoid this popup.

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Try element exists or image exists(if no selector) and see if the pop up appears if yes then click yes or no as per your reqirment and if not then continue the other part of the process.

let us know if you can handle the pop up in this way.

Pavan H.

It won’t work because this screen cannot be automated.

@alko, can you ask your IT team to give you admin access to that application, so that you don’t get the popup and you can continue your work.

@anil5 I’ll try this Start Process activity if this won’t work I’ll change settings.
Either way, Thanks for help


Start process activity executes the .exe file and your application will be opened, but still you have to provide password and the pop-up will come, after changing the settings if it works please let us know.

Ok, but first maybe my could You help me with this. I’ve got start process activity.
I want to use this:

runas /savecred /user:administrator “C:\Program Files (x86)\Comarch ERP Optima\Comarch OPT!MA.exe”

This command put in CMD opens program with Administrator privileges.

I want to put it into Start process, I’ve made something like this:

First start process open program but with my acc. Second one dosen’t work. How can I rewrite cmd command to Start process command?


When manually you type the username and password, at top of the page do you get any path on the top, if yes your argument should be exactly like that.

Can you use “” backslash in arguments.

Hi Alko,

Did you get a solution for the same?


Hi @Teenu,
No. I had to switch off UAC prompt in control panel.

Thanks Alko for replying