How to remove the popup in the web application

how to select leave from this pop up i have to select the “LEAVE” can anyone please help me out

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we can either use normal click activity or click image activity within attach window activity (chosing that popup as a new window as a element)
make sure that SIMULATE CLICK property is enabled in the property panel of click activity
we can use simply a send hot key activity with key as tab until it reaches the button LEAVE and once after reaching use another send hot key activity with key as enter
and here also enable the SEND WINDOW MESSAGE property in the property panel of send hot key activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @Apchu

Use click activity to click on the leave button

i tried but its not getting selected

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then try with CLICK IMAGE activity
Cheers @Apchu

manually if i am pressing enter its working, when i am using hotkey its not working

is it getting to the field on using tab key with send hot key
not no problem try with CLICK IMAGE activity

click image also not working:(

the selector is not finiding the element

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was that used inside a attach window activity and the property simulate click should be enabled
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i cant find the simulate click activity here

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–using this select that poup as element
–inside this attach window activity use your click or click image activity and in that activity only we can find the simulate click propertypanel

Cheers @Apchu

not working still

click activity is not working since its not able to indicate the element in tht pop up

and i dont know y am i not able to use hotkey
just i need to automate the “enter” key

hot key would work buddy
lets do it manually are we able to use tab key to get to that Leave button in that popup
and then use a enter key once manually
if that works
same way repeat with SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key tab if needed or directly use key enter and make sure sendwindowmessage property in the property panel is enabled

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Apchu

no need of indicating anything on the screen??

thankyou ,i got it

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using hotkey

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