Unable to close this pop up + SAP Screen

Hi all,

I am facing a weird situation. I have a pop up that is populated on an SAP application when I try to open a file. Like below.

Due to some reason UiPath cannot get control of this or spy this popup. This is breaking the automation. I am unable to close this popup.

Manually if I click next to it it closes. In the automation when I try to do the same thing the pop up does not close. Any one faced this. How to handle this. I am unable to spy the image as well. When I place the spying cursor on this pop up it just goes into blue circle

Hi @Sairam_RPA, did you try to use different ui framework while indicating elements on screen?

You can find the best practices here: What are the differences between Default, AA, and UIA-selectors in the property panel, best practices for UI framework selection, and the combined impact of Input Method choice? - #2 by vishal.kp

If possible can you share more images related with your problem, so we can understand better.

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Try Hardware Events for clicking (Modern Activity) on Yes button, sometimes This behavior has been noticed while using Simulate/ send Windows message.