Hello guys,Can anyone help me to sort out this problem.
Actually i am using browser activity,So inside that browser one POP UP window is coming and i have to click “OK” on that POP UP window.But click activity is not working.Anyone have any idea,how to resolve this issue please do share…

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Hi Buddy @monishankar

Buddy use a attach window or attach browser activity separately for that popup (apart from your current one) and select that popup as element buddy
once selected then inside the attach window or attach browser activity use the click activity buddy, and enable the property simulateclick in click activty buddy
this is one method
another one is
again same with attach window or attach browser activity within which we are going to use a send hot key activity with key as enter , this will click the ok button, and this can be used if you are running in a citrix environment or click seems not working…
buddy here also enable the property sendwindowmessages property in send hot key activity buddy

Thats all you are done
kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
Cheers @monishankar

Have you tried any other activity beside Click? There’s Click Image, Click OCR Text, and Click Text. There’s also all of the CV activities. They include a Click and a Click Text.

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Thank you buddy for your effort,but as I was in hurry to submit my project ,so i have not explored the solution you suggested above and instead of that I used navigate activity to move directly to that url. Which worked in this situation.But later i will also check your solution. Thanks buddy for ur suggestion.

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