WI2 Research Copy of Check (ACME System 1 Process)

Has anyone else tried to complete the Research Copy of Check for Vendor process using ACME System 1?

I decided to give it a try last week, and I was able to create the Dispatcher. Then, I was able to create the “happy path,” but not that I need to start using System 3, which is a primitive desktop app, I am running into a lot of issues:

  1. My automation will select the Clients → Search For Client → By Client ID, which brings up a new window. However, the automation doesn’t recognize that it is on the screen, causing the process to stop until I click the window that is open. (See below.)

  2. The date picker that we eventually get to after a few steps is very hard to indicate, as are its children. I’ve tried many different ways of indicating the date that I want to click: typing it in the box, clicking on a series of elements within it, … So far nothing has worked. Part of the issue is that the entire text box where the date is is not recognized as separate elements, so even though I can click on the numbers and type, the automation can’t seem to do that. (Also see below.)

So has anyone tried this project at all and have any suggestions?

Clients → Search For Client → By Client ID is clicked by the automation, but it doesn’t recognize the Search for Client by ID window on the screen when it appears.

The date picker is difficult to work with. No matter how I have tried to edit the selector, when I test the activity, the automation fails to find the element on the screen.

The date picker text field is not recognized as separate elements.
Date picker Selector
One look at editing the selector.
Selector 1
Another look at editing the selector.

A third look at editing the selector.

EDIT: In case it helps, here is my Performer so far. It works well, except for the “RCCP - Search System 3 for Check” workflow, which is where I am encountering all these issues.
Research Client Check Performer.zip (1.2 MB)

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If I’m right, I think you need to check the “include inactive clients”.

Please try it.

I’m thinking if your date format has something to do with this problem:

Thank you for the ideas. I have “inactive clients” clicked, so that is not it. I’ve also split the date up into day, month, year, and day of week, so the format of the date isn’t an issue for me either.

The issue is how to reliably pick the date. Sometimes, the selector only contains the day (as in my first picture) and some references to which row it is in, which can change depending on the month and year. Other times, the selector refers to the date as “Day of week, Month Day, Year.” Still, other times, it is in the form “Date/Month/Year.”
With three completely different ways of referring to the date, I haven’t been able to find a way that accurately picks it each time.

I’ve worked with a difficult date picker before, but there was at least a consistent way that it could be referred to.


Ok. I just observed the behavior of the calendar control and came up with a prototype. I have posted the file here. You can test it and fine tune it. It kind of sucks to do it in a traditional manner, but then this is a Legacy application.

Here is how it behaves:

The Calendar control saves the most recent position of the cursor.

Example: If you selected Month and exited the Calendar box, and then clicked back into it, it automatically selects the Month. Similar behavior can be observed if you leave your cursor in the Day or Year positions and come back later and click in that box again.

After typing in a part of the date, hitting the Right key will move it into the next section.

Typing Day + Right will take the cursor to the Month position. And Typing Month + Right will take you into the Year position

For the reasons state above, the calendar position does not reset the cursor to the beginning of the box after your complete typing in the date.

Therefore, after you finish typing in the date, you have to hit the left arrow twice to reset the cursor to the left before you leave the Date picker column.

The position of the cursor also resets when the “Today” option is selected from the Calendar widget.

This way you know that the date column is set correctly to type in a date the next time.

Also note that an exaggerated value for DelayBetweenKeys has been added in the Type Into activity. You can trim this value after testing.

I hope this helps.

Test_Acme_Sys3_CheckDate_Selector.xaml (10.7 KB)


Thanks, I will have to check this out when I get the chance!

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