How can i select day in DatePicker using uiPath

Hi, i would like to select a day of 30th Jan by using automation at this i am not able to automate day selection from this datepicker. when i run the automation, it click on 30th dec instead of 30th jan. Could you can guide me how i can do it.

My selector as below :

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Datepicker' />
<webctrl aaname='30' isleaf='1' tag='LI' />



Selecting date from date picker is difficult to do.

Other alternative is to use Type Into activity and type the date instead of selecting from Date picker.

The site does not allow to input the date.


I checked above provided link and it’s allowing to type the date. Please check it once again.

Hi @wailoon_cheng

Use click activity in selectors aaname you can pass
aaname = (Convert.ToInt32((“30/01/2020”).Split("/“c)(0))/10).ToString.Split(”."c)(1).ToString)

Kommi Jeevan.

@lakshman The website that i want to automate is using same kind of the date picker that i provided above. It does allow to type the date but it shows error after i submit the form so i only can automate click the date at the date picker to get the data.

@kommijeevan i get the error after i applied your solution


in data picker you can change month of jan.

but its still click 30th Dec even i change to Jan.

in selectors you can change dec to jan.

I encounter the same problem. Any solution after previous post? Thanks in advanced.


Please Refer below Solution:

Thank You!

The best/fastest way is to change the value using JavaScript.

Grab the element by class-name or id and edit the value.

“document.getElementsByClassName(‘my-input-classname’).my-form-control-name.value = ‘2022-01-03’”

I would suggest using TypeInto as it is must easier to handle and automate. You can create a variable to make it work with any date. You can use for example an input of 2023/01/30 and then inside the typeinto type DateTime.ParseExact(strDateToday,“yyyy/MM/dd”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)