Date Picker Issue

Hi Guys,
I’ve got an interesting one for you to solve today. I must pick a date from a date picker like in this image inside of an browser : image

But the problem is, the selectors for this date picker are grid based, and there is no connection between the specific date and its selector. For instance in the image above for Sun the 31st, its unique selector is 0_0, Mon 01st is 0_1 and so on. So the problem arises when the next month comes and the 1st of that month is not in the same position as last month. Thus making it impossible to know where the specific date i’m looking for is located using selectors.

I also tried using click images, but the problem is as you can see in the image there is more than one “5” for the specific grid and it will select the incorrect one sometimes.

Also I cant just type in the specific date into the action date box. .

Thanks guys any help would be appreciated.


You can try type into and provide the date.

if date is dynamic use input dialogue and then type into.


There is no way I can type into the input box. Its not available for this date picker

I have also experienced the same. You can try Type into or Set text activity for this


The Set activity worked thanks! You just have to set the property in AlterifDisabled to true.

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