Why would IE elements suddenly become opaque?

Earlier tonight I was able to record on IE 11 (type into, click, etc. on various elements), and use the “indicate element inside browser” feature to associate elements to various activities (type into, click), etc… but then suddenly it all just stopped working.

Now when I attempt to initiate either of those things… hovering my cursor over elements on the IE web page just yields 1 big block over the entire IE browser window, not highlighting individual elements like it was before.

What would cause this? EDIT: Using Camtasia screen recorder is causing it.

Yes it happens for me as well.

Hi Bryan,

What’s the Studio version?

While you were recording? Or when running the recorded sequence?

Studio is 2018.1.1.

Damn. Woke up early to start working and it’s happening again :-/

So let’s see if I understand correctly. You open IE11, start recording and it doesn’t recognize the elements but only the entire IE window? Do you have the .exe or .msi intsalled?

I’m using an Enterprise trial via UiPathPlatform.msi

It didn’t originally happen in the middle of recording. I was just in and out of trying various things, had previously done a little recording and some manual “indicate element inside browser” work on activities I added myself (all were working).

Then after awhile I created a new project to start fresh, added a Type Into activity and wanted to use the “indicate element inside browser” feature (IE was open in the background)… and UiPath only recognizes the entire window. When I click on the element… control is returned to UiPath, but nothing is captured.

Went back to the project where it was previously working, and that one wasn’t working either. Same problem occurs if I try to record.

I restarted, but that didn’t fix it. Then I shut down and booted again… and it was working after that (EDIT: because I hadn’t launched the Camtasia screen recorder when I tried this time). So I shut down for the night hoping to start again early… and right off my first boot this AM… it’s not working again.

is this happening on a specific webpage?

OMG I just figured it out.

It happens when I have the Camtasia screen recorder app (v8) open! When I close that, it works again.

Hmmm. My whole objective is to create training videos using Camtasia. Wondering what my options are here…

try another recording tool