Internet explorer not spying elements. . . BIG BLUE SCREEN WHEN SPYING




I have returned to some work that I have been working on earlier today and I am unable to spy anything in internet explorer or any internet form for that matter.

When I try and hover over an element in IE, I get the screen below.

I have no issue launching IE, it is only when spying elements.

Does anyone know what I have to do. It was working on my laptop a couple of hours ago ! I have heard it may be to do with admin rights but as I say it was working a little while ago. . . any advice would be much appreciated ! :roll_eyes:

UiPath workflow failing to identify elements after autoupdated to studio.2018.1.3

What activity are you using?


any IE related activity, e.g type into, click etc


Can you try starting UiPath Studio in administrator mode?


@Dan_Munteanu how do you do that ?

What steps do I need to take to start UiPath studio in administrator mode ?

Thanks in advance


you can run a program as administrator if you right-click on a program in File Explorer and then click on “Run as administrator”


Hey @Dan_Munteanu I am probably missing something but I don’t see an option to run as admin when I right click ?

When right clicking on a file this is the only this I see,

please let me know what I am doing wrong.




ahh thanks for that !

Unfortunately despite running in admin mode I still have a large blue screen when trying to use any internet explorer activities like click or type into. . . .

Do you have any ideas about what else could be causing this problem ?


May you try following this troubleshooting guide:


Hey @Dan_Munteanu unfortunately that did not work either, and I have tried re-downloading UiPath.

Do you have any other suggestions ?




Hey guys, hard reset of my computer worked must have been an windows update issue or something along those lines !
Thanks for your help though !