When record IE stop working

Dear all,
I’m from china.My english is not very good.So try to understand what I say.
The issue is:When I do record that I click a button which is used to upload file,suddenly the IE browser stops working.So I try many other ways to fetch the ui element,but unfortutely it doesn’t work. I guess the Button I click contains a flash component.
So could you help me to fix this issue.I really don’t know how to continue.

Many thanks.

i had the same kind of issue in IE library accessing, what i have done is used N number of send key (TAB) activity to reach the particular button and used “Enter” Send key to click.

please let me know if that works for you!


Hi Rajesh,
Thanks very much.I used your method to do record.It wonderfully worked.Great!
And I wanna share you an other way which I fould accidentally can also solve this proplem. It is to use UIExplorer which could locates the specific button but not makes IE die.