Why to use attachBrowser?

I used login, entering username and password details and then login button.
The home page got already open, why do I have to attach that? why can’t I use actions further ?

It is clearly explained in the foundation training in UIPath Academy.

Please check the training video - Different types of recordings.
And the difference between Basic and Desktop recording. Your doubt will be clarified.

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Hi Sundar,

When you visit a web-page and there if you perform some click and it will lead you to other sub website of that site, in that scenario Attach browser window is used.
As it tells the Bot where to go further.

A container that enables you to attach to an already opened browser and perform multiple actions within it.
For Ex.
You login to facebook using open browser and
you visit your profile in FB using Attach browser activity.

I hope this will give you some clarity on this.


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