Foundation Training- Lesson 2 Practice 1, Attach window

Hello, I have been practising the example from Foundation Training- Lesson 2 Practice, In the sequence to write to a notepad 3 steps have been specified.

  1. open application
  2. Attach window
  3. Close application

I did not understand the why the 2nd step is needed? and what is the need of this step as we have already opened the application, then what is the need of Attaching a window.

Hi @murali.s

When you are performing any actions inside any window you should use Attach Window and when you are dealing with Websites you should use Attach Browser.
By using that you can make your selectors and activities(which you used inside container) very accurate, without using it you can automate but it can break anytime.

Note: If you are programming inside any conatiners ( Attach Browser or Attach Window ) you’ll be getting Partial Selectors and without containers it’s always Full Selectors.

For your references:

Goutham Vijay


Attach Window is used for the application window which has already been opened and you want to perform some activities on it.

Attach window used in desktop applications, windows application and citrix application.

you can refer the following link

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looks like we gave an identical answer … i didn’t mean to … sorry about that :smiley:

Thank You, Goutham Vijay.
The answer is little bit unclear for me, mainly about full selectors and partial selectors
Can u pls tell what do you mean by selectors and a little bit more about it… & can we do the program without using the attach window (p.s: I hope you have referred to the example problem).


Thank You so much.

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Hi @murali.s

The selector is a string of characters used to identify objects on the screen. The selector is one of the properties of UI activities and has an XML format. All the activities in UiPath Studio related to graphical elements have the selector property.

Difference between Partial And Full Selectors:
Full Selectors: Which contains all the elements (HTML) needs to identify the element with the top level window(Which contains tags like html or wnd), generally top level window contains informations like URL and other important informations about website or an app.

Partial Selectors: Which is used inside containers, doesn’t contains information about the top-level window. Activities containing partial selectors are enclosed in a container Attach Browser or Attach Window that contains a full selector of the top-level window

Refer the following link for the better understanding:

Goutham Vijay


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