In detail about attached browser

please let me know in detail about Attached Browser.


what do you want to know?



attached browser activity in detail
like the difference between the open browser and attached browser in details

Open Browser opens a new browser window. Attach Browser attaches to an existing window.

However, you really should be on modern and use the Use Application/Browser activity because it is much better than those two classic activities. It combines both into one.

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You know there is full activity documentation online?

“A container that enables you to open a browser at a specified URL and execute multiple activities within it.”

“A container that enables you to attach to an already opened browser and perform multiple actions within it.”

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Hello @meeraa ,

As the name of the activity tells,

Open Browser will open a New Browser Instance and work as a container to add other UI activities to action.

Attach Browser will use the Existing Browser instance and you can do multiple activities on it as it works as a container.

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Hi @meeraa

Kindly refer below link

Attach browser is explained at 10 th minute


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