Attach browser doesn't work with IE

Is the browser window already open? Attach browser looks for a window to be already open, rather than opening a window for you.

don’t really understand, did i open an other window before lanching the process ?

You must use the Open Browser activity to open the window first. Attach Browser is only used if the process expects the window to already be open.

its already open, but before, the process log out and close the page i don’t know why

Have you used kill process before you call this workflow? did you check the exceptions?

It sounds like a different part of your project is logging you out than what is shown in the screenshot. I recommend using the debug features to step through the project and see where the process is logging out of the website. The debug step into feature is a very powerful tool for finding where your process is failing.


As per my understanding, your requirement is to open the new tab and browse a new URL right? @Soudios , Then you need to use some control keys or hot keys. else open browser is the best activity as we have the option to pass the browser variables, it will be easy to swap to the other browser

@HareeshMR : That’s Right

This is what i have :

Do you need something else ?

Never use attach browser inside of the Open browser scope. Open browser is used to open a window that isn’t already open. So depending on your goal, you have two cases:

1.) The browser window is already open: In this case you would use attach browser here and use the Navigate To command you’re currently using. Just remove Open Browser.

2.) The browser window is not open yet: Use Open Browser; not attach browser. Since you’re navigating to a specific page immediately anyway, the page you want to open should be immediately passed into the URL field for Open Browser.

That said, I do not see where you’re logging into Acme-test. If you do not have a workflow that logs you in, you’ll need one, and in this case, you’ll use Attach Browser any time after you’ve logged in.

Logging information :

Navigate information :

Hi @Soudios ,

Can you upload the zip file for better analysis?