Open Browser and Attach Browser error

2 questions…

  1. What does Attach Browser do ? Can I continue with the web automation activities after the Open Browser activity. What is the use of Attach Browser ?

  2. If I use a Attach Browser activity and continue with some web actions. Now if I want to add a new activity (for ex- Clicking an element) in between the flow after closing the initial browser. Do I have to repeat the whole steps by attaching a new Browser.

Representing the flow:
Attach Browser A → Step 1 → Step 2 → Step 3Close the Browser A

Now I want to insert a step Step 2a in between…Then do I have to open a new Browser B and redo all the steps from the beginning ?

Hi @Susin_024,

  1. You can use open browser activity and and all the browser action activities inside it. But if you are shifting robot control from that browser and afterwards you have to do again some operation on that browser then you can use attach browser activity. As browser was already opened , so we used attach browser activity, to indicate processing browser and then we can add activities inside that.

  2. So when you are moving control from browser A to B , you have to use different attach browser for them. Something like below image you can use. Once the operation on browser B is completed, you can use Attach browser for A and add activities in it.