Why is Reframework template mandatory for Certification?

I try my first attempt (got out of the time… T_T) and all the exam steps were about Reframework. The question is that if I could do it without the template it was been easiest for me. I think it is not logical cut our creativity to resolve problems.
Could I try my second attempt in my own way without the template?


Are you talking about role based Certification under certificate.uipath.com ?

For this, we should use REFramework only. They clearly mentioned it. No use of doing it without REFramework.

First check level 3 advanced training assignments then you will get more idea about REFramework. We all are here to help you if you need. Try to complete it asap because it’s free till 31st March 2019.

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Hi @dlucas85

This is the grading scheme which is got from the “https://certificate.uipath.com” after completing the quiz. Once complete the quiz go through this grading scheme and create the workflow as per the requirements.

AdvancedCertification-GradingScheme.xlsx (12.9 KB)

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In addition to what other community members said,

It is must to use REFramework to complete the assignment.

REFramework demonstrates how to use states in your workflow, exception handling mechanism, retry mechanism, project organization, invoking workflows with arguments etc.,

The assignment is based on what you learn from UIPath Academy and it is proven that the workflows developed in REF are successful.

Please go thru the REF. It is easy to understand. Once you understood the REF, you can easily shift your workflows to REF.

All the best.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @dlucas85.

I think you have such questions about the certification only because you have not studied enough ReFramework.

I did a little tutorial on Udemy with parsing all the States and Files in ReFramework.
This course will help you understand how to work with this template.
I would like to share a coupon for free registration FREE_COURSE (there are 50 coupons).

And a discount coupon specifically for UiPath Forum users FORUM_UIPATH (unlimited number).


Hi @dlucas85

i agreed with you that you could have easily complete it without REFramework.

But REFramework will brings a common understanding between you and other people. you consider any project you can easily incorporate into it once you understood it.

   1) Init state used for Initialize all settings and applications.
   2) Get transaction to get records to process.
   3) Process transaction to process the records.
   4) End state is to close application.

Hope this will give high level info about REFramework.

Vijay Kumar C.


Thank you so much. It was useful for me and now I got certification :slight_smile: