Is it necessary to use the workflows in the re-framework?

Hi people,

I am stuck in the Uipath advanced training certification.
I did create the required assignment “client hash security” and it works fine.
But this assignment is something that I created from scratch and my workflow has nothing to do with the reframework which is provided in the github.
I didnt really upload my solution yet.
Was wondering wheather its fine to avoid using reframework??? because i have heard that it is just a format for best practices.
And it has nothing to do with the excecution.

Please reply. I am scared to upload the file.

Also for me it says that I can upload Workflow(compressed) or Video(youtube or vimeo)

I want to create a video and upload on youtube. Is it ok that I record my screen and upload directly? And mention my name and comment?

@aksh1yadav , @sictpeng

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You need to use framework. The main motto of advanced training is to implement reframe work with out orchestrator


See what Ovi (UiPath Guy) said.