Question regarding Practical Exercise of UiPath certification

I have downloaded the Advanced Certification Grading Scheme of the UiPath where I see that the REFramework must be used in order to implement the practical exercise. But I have completed the assignments of Advanced Training normally without the use of REFramework. So, can I solve the practical exercise similarly or do I only need to implement it in the REFramework?

The advance certification guidelines says to Re-Framework.

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please give more clearification in this topic

There are points allocated for the use of REFramewotk. That is actually a core part of the automation. Unlike in the academy, the evaluation is different for the certification. If you look closely in the academy, yoi will notice it… For the certification, you should follow all the guide lines as said. Otherwise the purpose of the advanced certification examination is not worth right…

Please follow the guidelines as said in the grading sceme for the examination