Does anyone know if the certification project has to be done with ReFrameWork?



Does anyone know if the certification project has to be done with ReFrameWork?


Yes, it says that you should be using the REFramework.


Thanks for your help. It seems to me that 3.5 hours to do it is very little. I hope it is not very complicated


I have done it and the time provided is enough to complete the assignment :slight_smile:
Read instructions carefully so that you dont miss anything :wink:


If you done projects in Advanced Training you don’t worry about completing project in certification because it’s similar.
And time is enough for completing. I was able to do this for 2.5 hours


Татьяна скажите, это задание также было связанно с сайтами ACME или SHA1 ?


Yes :slight_smile:


Thank’s Nadim!
But in recent days, I have noticed that the ACME System1 site is often unrevealed. Spinning on boot. It is necessary to restart the computer. No matter how this happens in these 3.5 hours


I understand that sometimes the acme test site may be down (but not very often).
But i dont think you need to restart your computer to fix that.

If your test data is reset and login works fine rest shouldn’t be a problem.

In my experience with the site i faced issue

  • once with the login but that was just for an hour or so.
  • resetting the test day (sometimes gets stuck, but you login-logout and try again and its good)

Is there something you are experiencing with the site?


The site is working normally. But when I do a project and close\open it often , it hangs up at one moment and IE cannot open the site. My solution was restart computer, it helped.
I hope this was a local problem.


here you can see how IE is hanging on the opening site ACME System1
And only reboot helps