Does anyone know if the certification project has to be done with ReFrameWork?

Does anyone know if the certification project has to be done with ReFrameWork?

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Yes, it says that you should be using the REFramework.

Thanks for your help. It seems to me that 3.5 hours to do it is very little. I hope it is not very complicated

I have done it and the time provided is enough to complete the assignment :slight_smile:
Read instructions carefully so that you dont miss anything :wink:

If you done projects in Advanced Training you don’t worry about completing project in certification because it’s similar.
And time is enough for completing. I was able to do this for 2.5 hours

Татьяна скажите, это задание также было связанно с сайтами ACME или SHA1 ?

Yes :slight_smile:

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Thank’s Nadim!
But in recent days, I have noticed that the ACME System1 site is often unrevealed. Spinning on boot. It is necessary to restart the computer. No matter how this happens in these 3.5 hours

I understand that sometimes the acme test site may be down (but not very often).
But i dont think you need to restart your computer to fix that.

If your test data is reset and login works fine rest shouldn’t be a problem.

In my experience with the site i faced issue

  • once with the login but that was just for an hour or so.
  • resetting the test day (sometimes gets stuck, but you login-logout and try again and its good)

Is there something you are experiencing with the site?

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The site is working normally. But when I do a project and close\open it often , it hangs up at one moment and IE cannot open the site. My solution was restart computer, it helped.
I hope this was a local problem.

here you can see how IE is hanging on the opening site ACME System1
And only reboot helps

I can’t understand the ReFramework template. Is there any detailed explanation besides the UiPath ReFramework documentation?

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No, I dont’t know about other documentation. I use UiPath ReFramework documentation and practice

@Aleksey_M, I guess the best way to learn the template is by practicing. Thank you for reply.

Hello @Fer !
I want to help those who have difficulty learning ReFramework.
I did a little tutorial on Udemy with parsing all the States and Files in ReFramework.
This course will help you understand how to work with this template.
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