Question on UiPath Certification

I have recently given the UiPath certification exam on but failed to reach the pass mark of 70% in my first attempt. After going through all the questions I found it to be somewhat difficult when compared with previous exams on the website. So can anyone please give me some tips and tricks to pass the exam?


Before attempting to next time, learn topics like REFramework, Orchestrator Queues and its related topics. I got many questions from these topics only.

@lakshman Is there a separate course on REFramework?

Please find the attached file.

.REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)


hi @vivek_Chowdary

go to :

you get a good idea about Re-Framework




Anybody knows what reframework should be use in 2019 the official certification exam?
It says Reframework.
Can we still using the one mentioned in @Himanshu.joshi youtube’s video or should it be the Ennanched refranework?


Just Go with What has explained above. Normal REFramework. (Which also inbuilt now in Uipath Studio Latest Version).

You don’t need to use Enhanced ReFramework

hi @Guiomar

You only have to use the normal Re-Framework

perfect!! Thanks!!

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Is it possible to do all UiPath training and get the certification using only the community edition download?

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Yes that is possible

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Are the exams free till 30th april ?

Hi @Hemant_Bonde