Developer exam (and Academy) too focused on REFramework

Singling out one template as the focus of an exam or learning plan puts those who don’t use that template at a disadvantage. REFramework isn’t the end-all-be-all of being a seasoned UiPath developer. It should be more about skills and knowledge of overall development, not leaning so heavily on just one template out of many. Templates shouldn’t be part of it at all.

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I strongly agree on this. The exams make you remember things about how the REFramework does its config or what state moves to another, and thats a really poor test of RPA skills, especially since the REFramework is heavily overdue a really robust update, the thing still doesn’t have basic support for credential type assets and uses the super old classic Excel activities to read the Excel files, which I heard plenty of people complain about at Community events as if they have their config open the framework fails, just simple QOL updates such as making it use the new Excel activities would completely avoid this as it would just use your already open instance to run.

I can really see the value in using the REFramework in the academy since you need some sort of base to explain transaction processing, but it should not be in an exam in my opinion, and please, please give it some TLC and make it 2023 worthy and not 2018 worthy.