Why I cannot drag and drop activities?

Hi everyone, when I was creating a sequence of activities, I could not “drag and drop” the activities, which is quite annoying because the activities can be added only when double clicked… Does anyone have the same issue? And how to solve this problem? I am using community version.

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This problem has been solved by reinstalling the UiPath package.

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I do receive the same problem, Suddenly the error started nothing happens when I drag activity inside FlowChart or Sequence.

UiPath studio was not allowing to drag anything inside XAML file, I tried all possible way.

Finally I have restart my computer then restarted UiPath, This time it works.

I could not find the root cause for this issue yet but some issue with the studio related to Cache. so when I rested all the cache removed it start as a new instance which resolved the issue.


I’m now getting this issue as well, with Studio 2018.3.1, no idea what started it.

Already reinstalled UiPath, and it’s been going on for over a week, and my computer has been rebooted several times throughout the week, yet it still occurs.

Any ideas?

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Well a restart is a temporary fix.
However this will be fixed in the next release :grimacing:


Yeah, restart works for me. I did zap the robot just to make sure that wasn’t causing it, but to no effect.

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Have you tried pressing ESC button cause this error sometimes occur when we use “Send Hotkey” or “Type Into” activity.


That solved the problem for me without rebooting the PC. That’s quite easier and faster.


I am having the same issue with drag and drop with version 2018.4.2. Rebooting is also not working.

It works for me. Thanks


Never mind. It was a user error. Thanks

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Great. This worked for me. Thanks


After restarting multiple times also its not working for me

Thank you . It solved my issue


Worked for me too, thank you!


After restarting the system it works fine until performing few activities again I could perform dragging activity

Any suggestion for permanent fix

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Facing Dragging activity issue in 2019.5.0 also

I also faced this problem, but it resolved by pressing “Esc” key 2-3 times. It faster than restart system and UiPath.


Thanks. It worked!!

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