Not able to Drag and Drop Activities


I am not able to drag and drop activities from the activity panel. Also Im not able to to move any of the activites present in my project. Please help!!.

Reinstalling the software is not an option because I have already created many projects in it.


Could you please restart UIpath and try once.

@lakshman… I did that but still I am facing same issue.

If you uninstall UIpath and reinstall it won’t effect any created projects and if you want you can back up those workflow folders.

@lakshman Will try it


Haa ok try it and let me know.

Hi @shruthi_arali,

Kindly refer this

Might help you…


@shruthi_arali Try to press “esc” key several times, it might solve your problem.


I just shut down my system and restarted system and UI path studio. Its working fine now. Thanks


@Manjuts90 Awesome! I hit the “esc” key for 5 to 6 times and my issue got resolved.

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@MartianxSpace While sending hotkeys u might checked specialKey property. This problem mainly happens while sending “alt” key(it may happen with other keys) and “specialKey” property checked.
In such cases, uncheck specialkey option.

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Thank you! Such a simple solution! Was relieved I didn’t have to reinstall!

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Pressing ‘esc’ worked for me.