Unable to move or drag any activities in uipath!


I am not able to drag and drop activities from the activity panel. Also Im not able to to move any of the activies present in my project. Please help!!.

Reinstalling the software is not an option becase I have already created many projects in it.

Hi @vishnunair341,

Did you try to drag sequence activity or flowchart activity in your file?

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Yes i tried them all. I am not able to drag or move any activity on my new and old projects.

Hi @vishnunair341,

Which licence you are using Developer or Run Time? Can you please send the screenshot of you Uipath studio.

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is this occuring for any perticular ui path project from your system?

I am also no longer able to drag any activities. Is it due to licence? I am using Community edition

Can you share a screen of the workflow where you are trying to drag?

Have you tried double click on activities?

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Not sure if it was .netframework 4.7.1 or something but I had to uninstall and reinstall uipath studio to make it work. thanks for replying @Vivek_Arunagiri @nadim.warsi


Have you tried pressing ESC button cause this error sometimes occur when we use “Send Hotkey” or “Type Into” activity.


Click Esc Button for some times it is working for me


Yeah. it’s working for me also

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Hey, Thanks Vivek, double click is working for me.
can you tell me why dragging is not working.

Thanks double click is working for me. But drag drop doesnt work.