While loop executing slowly

Hi guys,
I am performing ismatch to check the specific word in pdf file(large file).but the while loop executing slowly. it takes time around 3 minutes to get page number of that specific word.
is it because of while loop or anything else?

i attached screenshot of workflow.



I think it’s better to check whether there is especially slow activity in your workflow, first.
So can you try to debug with turning on LogActivites in ribbon menu and ShowTimestamp in Output panel, as the following?


may be you trying to read scanned pdf with read pdf text you may have to use read pdf with ocr

log activities is disabled when i debug my workflow!!


I suggested to turn on LogActivities for measuring the processing time for each activity.
Or do you mean your studio is restricted to use LogActivities by governance?


no its not scanned pdf @Veera_Raj but i dont know why its executing slowly :frowning:

when i debugged, log activities greyed out @Yoichi


Please turn on LogActivities before click Debug.


As per your instruction i turned on and here the screenshot.


Please also turn on ShowTimestamp in Output panel. Then you can know process time of each activity from it.


can you please attach xaml?

Hey @check_account

What do you mean by large PDF file ?


Hello @check_account

During execution in debug mode, which activity is taking more time to load? Can you please monitor that?

Also you can do the debugging with stepInto method to understand whether the flow is happening as designed. As you mentioned the pdf is a large file, it can also cause the slowness. But better to validate the flow using the stepinto.

get_text.xaml (13.1 KB)
Here i added the xaml and please let me know the solution to speed up the execution :slight_smile:

ok i will moniter it and here i am attaching my xaml for your reference…and please let me know any ideas to prevent slow execution.
get_text.xaml (13.1 KB)

i am executing pdf file which has 652 pages dude :slight_smile:

can you share overall project folder with sample inputs?

Hi @check_account ,

Could you maybe try shifting to a For Each Loop and Check if it is the same with that Activity as well ?

Most probably, the PDF being Huge is taking time to read it.

Let us know what is the Outcome.

This shouldn’t be taking much time actually speaking.


Its sensitive information.but I can share sample pdf where you can search these words:


Get Page Number as 3

Computer Programming.pdf (204.2 KB)