Getting text from PDF file with muliple pages..using looping


I am having a pdf file with 200 pages… so i want to loop all the pages…using for each loop…
i am extracting data from page by page…and save it to excel…

so how can read text from each page via looping…


Hi @suresh_kumar4,

Use Index variable like i = 1 and increment the value at the end of for each activity.

Also, use external applications to open pdf where you can easily navigate to the other pages.

can you send me sample .xaml file,


Hi @suresh_kumar4

Please use the attached workflow, instead of Message Box you can export the value into excel

Main.xaml (5.6 KB)

Please add the given Go Component also PDF Activities if you have any package related issue

or you can directly add it from Go

ReadPDFText activity is showing error… can you send me the package name for that…


Hi @suresh_kumar4

Add UiPath.PDF.Activities also

Hi @suresh_kumar4

Use UiPath.PDF.Activities.ReadPDFText
Select the range as “All” in property panel
activity with in loop range

For reference:

It will work :sunglasses:

Manikandan Thangaraj

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