Which is my screen resolution?

Hi everyone,

I have been developing a process in a virtual machine, which takes the screen resolution of my local machine. My local machine resolution is 1920x1080 BUT also, I had set the scale into 150%.

My process have many image recognition, which it is affected when the resolution change.

Do you know how can I set the scale parameter to my unattended robot? I have set the resolution in 1920x1080 but the image are not recognized due to the scale…

Thank you!!

When you create an Unattended Robot by default it is set to Login To Console: True. When it creates the RDP session I believe the virtual display adaptor will negotiate to 1024x768 or whatever the native resolution of the display adapter is. If you are using an interactive session Login To Console: False then it will either

  1. The resolution configured in the Robot Settings (when making a new session)
  2. Use the existing resolution if connecting to a pre-existing session.

The other consideration is you should ideally be developing in the resolution and scale that is as close to the production environment as possible to avoid any potential issues.

Please see some of my older comments around this topic, that should help shed some light for you.


Hi @codemonkee,

I wanted to share this.

I always enjoy reading your responses in the forum and learn a lot from them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge here and being so detailed and covering alternative causes to a problem.