Resolution problems in unattended Mode

Hi all,

I have an automation which has to do some relative UI clicking and typing (unfortunatly the application does not give any useful selectors).

The automation works fine in attended mode, but fails in unattended mode. I did some research and finally found out that there is a resolution problem when running the automation in unattended mode. In attended mode I get a resolution of 1920 x 1080, in unattended mode 1920 x 853. I read the resolution with the following line:

System.Windows.Forms.Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width / Height

I already configured the resolution of the Robot in orchestrator to 1920 x 1080 but the behavior remains.

Does anyone have a hint what else there is to check?

The unattended automation runs on a VM, I can not access / override the robot settings on the VM due to IT policy.

Kind regards

Hi @JoSom

If the UI elements are not identifiable through selectors, you can try using image recognition. You can use the “Find Image” activity to locate the UI element on the screen based on its appearance. This will make your automation less dependent on the screen resolution and more adaptable to different resolutions.



  1. When you set the resolution did you change login to console to false? This is to be set for resolution to take effect
  2. Did you install robot in service mode?


Hi Nitya1,

thank you - I will try this if I do not get it running with the relative clicking.

Kind regards

Hi Anil_G,

yes I set the login to console to false.
Regarding service mode: I checked the processes in the task manager and found the process which shows that the robot is installed in service mode (I can not recall the process, but I found it somewhere during my research and checked it).

Thanks and kind regards


  1. Do you have screenshots when the process errors out? do you see the required elements on the screen?

can you try with simulate properties…if they are visible


Hi @JoSom ,

Are you getting any exception while running the process from orchestrator? if you get exception please share the exception.

And also make sure that you maximize the application/website before performing the Ui actions.