Automation dependency on Screen Resolution / System settings

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My development environment (DEV Server) has screen resolution 1920X1080. The automation flows I am developing involves Citrix Automation via plugin. So the selectors are enabled, all working and I am not using image automation.
Now I want to know the impact if I switch my development to a Laptop. My laptop has 1366X768 screen resolution and is a windows 10 system. The screen size is small as compared to my desktop. Now consider the new setup as me using my laptop, I remote connect to my DEV server (Remote Desktop Connection) and do my development, how will it impact the automation? The DEV server I am using for my development remains the same; the only change is earlier I used to connect from my desktop now I will be connecting from my laptop with less screen resolution. Say I develop something from my laptop, some flows developed from desktop, will it create issues while running end to end? Does a change in system impact automation?

Kindly clarify.

We have a similar use case as you describe primarily use a laptop on a dock at 1600x900 but when off the dock the native resolution is 1366x768 and a couple coworkers have 1920x1080 monitors.

It is really going to depend on your needs. Ideally you should develop with your resolution set as close as possible as what will be in production, especially when using some form of OCR, image recognition, etc.

But if you are aware of it, it is often something you can work around.

As an example if you are automating a old application that design for 640x480… The size of it is going to still be 640x480 when your output resolution is higher.

We have a legacy application that runs on Windows 2002 that we access via RDP. The application itself needs to be 1024x768 or larger otherwise some regions of the application will get scrollable regions.

Things like this you just need to be aware of and keep it in the back of your mind while developing.

Other things to keep in mind is the resolution changes when a robot or RDP sessions connects in Console Mode or as an interactive session.

Console typically will be the native resolution of the display adapter, where RDP is limited by memory and negotiated by the client connecting.


Yes , RDP is limited by memory and it will cause issues.

The best way is to make sure the development Environment and production environment have similar resolution .Since you are using the Remote Desktop connection , the Dev VDE to which you are connecting depends upon the machine you are using to connect it.

One idea , will be is to , connect your machine to doc and to an external monitor , You can start working with the External Monitor whose resolution is same as the Dev Environment.

Other WA can be limiting the screen resolution of the Production machine like ur DEV machine . You can change the resolution in production machine (in UiPath settings file and orchestrator ). However , this might affect the other ongoing processes running in the Production VDE.

The best way is to ensure that both the dev and Production machine have similar Resolution .

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