Which is best to learn for UIPath - C# or Vb.net?


Which is best to learn for UIPath - C# or Vb.net ? Can we use Java or python (may be in future)? I am more familiar with java.
Which one is best compatible and may be used more in the industry?


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Hello @rathindra_RPA

UiPath is built on vb.net. with the latest releases, they have introduced c# as well however it is still an experimental feature as I know. So to learn, the best language would be vb.net. if you know vb.net C# is easy to follow as they both are mostly the same except few changes.

At the moment, we have several activities that use python and java. But those are secondary. The main language will remain as vb.net as of now.


Hi @rathindra_RPA

Let’s go one by one

Hmm right now we got an option to choose either of these languages and use the functions and methods in them while designing workflow in uipath studio
And this option can be chosen when you are creating a new PROCESS in the start menu of uipath studio where we can choose which language to be used
While C# is a upgraded version of vb.net and it includes certain functionalities which are almost similar to vb.net and has some in Exception which aren’t there in vb.net. Well this is in general.
On coming to uipath I would suggest to go for vb.net as most of functionalities are made on vb.net
So while using the methods or functions from vb.net it would easy for us to cope up with the activities in the uipath

As you are good in Java it would be very easy for you to know about Vb.net (or even C#)
Yes of course we can use Java codes and python codes in uipath like we can invoke those codes here in studio and make use of them
For more details on this

And finally on this
Each language has their own importance in its corresponding industry
Like here in UiPath we can say like vb.net and followed by that C# is very compatible
While to take our process designed in uipath to next level we can use python and java language
As individual I have used more python scripts to call API of different application and get the results from those API output file either XML or Json and make use of those details instead of getting to those website and get the details from front end automation, so either of these methods is compatible with UiPath

Hope this would help you
Cheers @rathindra_RPA


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