C# vs VB.net

Hello friends,

I have a question about which programmerings lanuage you prefer to coding in Uipath PRA,

Now Uipath support C#.

I am in beginner level in Vb.net and a C#. And i can python good.
I would like to learn one of these two programmering language to be advance in C# or Vb.net.

What you recommends me to learn more?

Thanks for your answer!

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Hi @mado.rayan1

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Go for C# as it is now compatible with UiPath. VB is something older but it has similar classes, methods and packages which you need to import even working in C# also. @mado.rayan1

But the developers who are working on C# can do more than those working in VB .
(Just my opinion :wink:)


you are right @HareeshMR
but one point must be noted C# in UiPath is Experimental feature currently




Generally they are pretty similar in terms of performance and functionality. C# has the advantage in that the syntax is more similar to other C languages (c++, java etc). You will probabaly find more things outside of UiPath you can apply C# to and in general there are probably more opportunities with C#.

So there’s not much difference and personal preference is the real decider.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

C# is scheduled to be shipped in 20.8 with Community and 20.10 with Enterprise. This means it will graduate from the experimental label.

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